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Chelmsford Athletics Club - Club Memories

This page provides a collection of memories, contributed by members of the club, both past and present.  If you would like to add YOUR memories please let us know.

Miv Owen

I just noticed the old "Club History Photo's" in the Photo Gallery section on the website.


The tallest guy in many of the photo's is my old coach Ernie Daley.


EA24 is actually one of my old photo's inherited from Ernie (EA = Ernie Athletics) and the first athlete from the left, currently marked as unknown, is Ken Burgess (still supporting us!.. and a friend of Ralph Burrows). Then it's Brian Hill-Cottingham (our first international). Followed by Ernie Daley and Bren Motley who is/was Nigel Motley's uncle. I trained a few (!) miles with Bren, but he died about 20 years ago. I would guess the photo was taken at the old Harlow track looking at the stand.


The "Mrs Keene's hut photo" brings back teenage training memories of cold nights! The hut stood in Waterhouse Lane (to the left of the road just after crossing the river bridge heading out of town). The ladies changing room was the open door on the right and the men's was a partitioned off area (not existing in the photo) just in front of the closed door to the left. The men’s shower was behind the door. I don't know what the stuff hanging up is but the hut could have had a use before becoming the AC HQ (apart from being an army hut of course!). The floor looks in good condition - many times our throwers put weights through the boards!!


Fanny Blankers-Koen (the flying housewife) has a statue in Rotterdam (I used to pass it on my way to work!). I didn't know she visited Chelmsford!


In the 1954 photo I thought F. Holroyd was actually George (?) but I could be wrong. Graham Smith, a long standing coach at Chelmsford, died about 15 years ago.

Geoff Tyler

When I used to do weights at the club hut around 1968-69, the floor bounced & once I had the bar stuck on me & let it drop & it went straight through the floor boards. I needed a second person to help me extract the barbell. Doing jumping like triple jump was like jumping on a trampoline. Once I noticed a Rose Bay willow herb flower its rose coloured flower at a height of some 2 feet INSIDE the hut.

I remember one day at the club hut, seeing a young girl watching me doing weights, later when I learnt her name, a certain Shirley Wood (now Quinn), I helped coach her on discus in between her walking sessions. Maybe Shirley has further memories of that old club hut.

Shirley Quinn

I joined the club in 1967 as a runner, having tried sprinting for a while I then tried the then new event for girls of 880yds. I also trained with Miv and his coach Ernie. We would go to the clubhouse in the winter for road running sessions. Many times I would be the first to arrive and be stood waiting for a key holder to turn up and would see rats running around the area. My memory of the ladies changing room is that when you turned the tap on the sink on you got your feet wet if you hadn't put the plug in!!