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Jack Petchey Awards



The Jack Petchey Foundation’s vision is of a world where young people have high aspirations; the opportunity to develop their potential; the chance to be architects of their own future; to play a full part in society and to be valued and recognised for the positive things they achieve.


They aim to enable young people (aged 11 – 25 years in London, Essex & the Algarve area of Portugal), to achieve their potential by inspiring, investing in, developing and promoting activities that increase their personal, social, emotional and physical development.


They categorise their aims as:


  • Investing: in youth organisations and programmes that represent value for money and create inclusive and positive opportunities for young people to engage, excel and achieve.


  • Instigating: new, innovative and high profile programmes that fill gaps in current education or youth work practice and that give young people the opportunity to develop new skills and experiences.


  • Influencing: bringing about a change in the way that society sees, values and treats young people; highlighting the positive things that young people achieve and challenge the often negative portrayal of youth in our society, through public celebrations and promotion in the media; and influencing change by enabling young people to “be the change they want to see in the world”



One of the initiatives that the Foundation promote is the Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme.  Chelmsford AC participates in this Scheme, which makes regular awards to members of the club who have excelled in their field.

If you wish to nominate someone for a Jack Petchey Award, please click here.

The award winners for 2019 are:


Darcy Sullivan

Kissiwaa Mensah

Previous winners have been:




Finlay Staff


Oliver Early


Martha Smith


Nathan Bushnell




Sam Tremelling


Faye Sweeting


Thomas Keevil


Emily Foster




Laura Runciman


Hannah Bardo


Jessica Hopkins


Elliott Cordery


Owen Thomas


Mia Chantree




Ndidi Okoh


Weronika Czekajlo


Tallulah Quinn


Connie Forman


Caitlin Boyle


Rhys Collings



Nov 2014

Gabby Quigley

Oct 2014

Erin Minton-Branfoot

Sep 2014

Chris Watson

Jun 2014

Darren Blackwell

May 2014

Thomas Hewes

Apr 2014

Georgia Tuckfield

March 2014

Rebecca Wade

Feb 2014

Robert Runciman

Jan 2014

Terry Lucas



Jun 2012

Robyn Stafford

May 2012

Jodie Judd

Apr 2012

Kim Johansen

Mar 2012

Lauren Longhurst

Feb 2012

Rosa Prideaux

Jan 2012

Harry McQueen



Nov 2011

Caroline Hill

Oct 2011

Moesha Howard

Sep 2011

Christie Dailly

Jun 2011

Nicole McKechnie

May 2011

George Perkins

Apr 2011

Jessica Judd

Mar 2011

Jade Harding

Feb 2011

Alex O’Brien

Jan 2011

Hannah Smithdale



Nov 2010

Sophie Johnstone

Oct 2010

James Mead

Sep 2010

Katie Tettlebury

Jun 2010

Alex Short

May 2010

Bradley Reed

Apr 2010

Hayley McLean

Mar 2010

Ben Clark

Feb 2010

Nancy Epsly

Jan 2010

Sophie Riches



Dec 2009

Chelsea Coker

Nov 2009

Ellie Besford

Oct 2009

Georgia Atkins

Sep 2009

Sam Bailey

Aug 2009

Lauren Bouchard