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Easy Fund Raising for Chelmsford AC

You can now help raise funds for our club every time you shop on-line!  And it won’t cost you a penny!  All you need to do is one or two extra clicks….

Chelmsford AC are now registered with EasyFundRaising ( – a web site that makes a donation to the club every time you make an on-line purchase from one of their registered retailers:

Sounds good!  What do I need to do?

Well, it’s really easy (hence the name!).  Go to the EasyFundRaising web site, read as much as you want to read about how it works, and then click on ‘Support a good cause’:

You’ll then be asked to select the cause that you want to support, so search for ‘Chelmsford Athletic’:


Having found, and selected our club, you’ll be asked to register:

Once you’re registered, you can start raising funds for us straight away!  Every time you want to buy something on-line, you just have to remember to log into EasyFundRaising first, and then search for the retailer you need:


Then just click ‘Go shopping’ and the web site will take care of the donation behind the scenes!


But what if I forget to go to EasyFundRaising first?

They have a solution for that!  When you complete your registration you’ll be asked if you’d like to install the ‘Donation Reminder’:

If you don’t install it when you register, you’ll get plenty of reminders about it, every time you do go through the EasyFundRaising web site.  But remember – this it completely optional.  It will install an extra bit of software on your computer, that runs alongside your web browser to remind you when you visit a relevant retailer’s site.  It will add an extra Toolbar to your browser – which you might find useful, or irritating – it’s YOUR choice!



Thanks in advance for any funds you raise in this way.  You can rest assured that the donations will go direct into the club’s bank account, to be spent solely on Chelmsford Athletics Club - and therefore to directly help YOU and/or YOUR child with achieving their athletics potential.