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Chelmsford Athletics Club - Club Volunteers


Like all athletics clubs, Chelmsford AC is reliant on volunteers - people who give freely of their time to make the club a success.  Have you considered helping?  Not sure what sort of jobs need doing?

British Athletics have put together an excellent page that lists the kinds of roles that a club such as ours needs people to fulfil:

So - now you know what needs doing.  But you're thinking the club already has plenty of better qualified people doing these jobs?  You'd be wrong - athletics clubs are always short of people who will lend a hand - and Chelmsford AC are no exception!  EVERYONE can make a contribution - and, as the saying goes - many hands make light work!  Even offering a few hours here and there would be hugely welcomed - and you'd be working with such a great bunch of people!

And - ultimately, it's massively rewarding - seeing YOUR efforts help the club's athletes succeed - and, of course, helping the club to progress.

So, now you're convinced, but not sure what you'd be best placed to help with?  Try this quiz:

If you think you can spare us some of your time, expertise or experience, click here, and get in touch!  Or pop down to Chelmsford Sports and Athletics Centre on a training night (Tuesdays and Thursdays). We look forward to hearing from you!