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Veterans off to a solid start in first 2022 EMAC fixture

05 May 2022

Chelmsford’s Veterans team got their 2022 EMAC season off to a solid start On Wednesday evening at Thurrock, with both the Men’s and the Women’s team taking second place finishes.

The next match will be on Weds 1st June, at Southend.  Please contact Geoff Tyler if you would like to get involved – either as an athlete or an official.

The full list of athletes competing for Chelmsford AC at Thurrock was:



Amr Ziko

100m (M35-49), Relay

Andrew Weller

100m (M50-59), High Jump (M50-59), Relay

Gerry Daniel

100m (M60+), 400m (M50-59), Triple Jump (M60+), Relay

Paul Owen

400m (M35-49), Relay

David Butler

400m (M60+), 3000m (M60+), Relay

Ken Hoye

3000m (M35-49)

Martin Branfoot

1M Walk (M35+)

Roger Skedd

Hammer (M35-49), Shot (M35-49), Triple Jump (M35-49), High Jump (M35-49), Relay

David Bauer

Hammer (M50-59), Shot (M50-59)

Geoff Tyler

Hammer (M60+), Shot (M60+)

Clint Nicholls

High Jump (M35-49)

Andy Coleman


Frank Hayes

100m (M60+), Relay




Janine Phillips

100m (W35-49), 400m (W35-49), 3000m (W35-49), Triple Jump (W35-49), High Jump (W35-49)

Carol Morris

100m (W50-59), Hammer (W35-49), Shot (W50-59), Triple Jump (W50-59), High Jump (W50-59), Relay

Clare St John-Coleman

100m (W60+), 400m (W60+), Triple Jump (W60+), Relay

Caroline Horden

400m (W50-59), 3000m (W50-59), 1M (W35+), Relay

Tracy Minton

3000m (W60+), Hammer (W60+), Relay

Nicole Celestine

Hammer (W50-59), Shot (W35-49)