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Chelmsford AC 10K going green with Notpla Water Pods

17 Oct 2019

We’re going green!  No plastic bottles or cups at our drinks stations this year!

Chelmsford AC are teaming up with Notpla Ltd in a bid to help reduce single use plastic pollution.  Used for the first time in this years London Marathon Notpla's water pods proved to be extremely popular and considered a huge success in becoming another small step towards eradicating plastic pollution.   So we’re following suit for this years Chelmsford 10K and doing our bit to reduce the use of plastic

Notpla are revolutionising the use of natural materials such as seaweed, to create packaging solutions with low environmental impact. This means creating materials that breakdown quickly once disposed of, as well as ensuring a low carbon footprint.

Another unique aspect to the Chelmsford 10k!

Another reason to enter!