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Nominations for 2020 Jack Petchey Awards are now open!

04 Mar 2020

It’s time to begin the second part of the JP awards scheme for 2019/20 and we have 4 awards that can be given out.

Our JP co-ordinator – Jenny Clatworthy – is looking to receive all nominations by the 31st March.  Copies of the nomination form will be available on the club registration desk or alternatively you can email Jenny with “I want to nominate….. because…..”.

Jenny will be visiting each training group this week to provide a quick overview of the JP scheme and to encourage nominations.

We are currently able to nominate 4 young athletes (11 - 25 years old) for a JP award.  In September 2020 we will start the whole process again and be able to nominate 2 more athletes and a further 4 in January 2021.

Each recipient of the award will receive £250 to spend based on the JP guidelines.  

Athletes, managers and coaches can nominate.    We cannot nominate anyone who has been nominated before - see full list of previous nominees below.

The selection committee will be a mix of previous JP Award recipients and a couple of members of the club committee.

The official JP presentation evening is 18 May at Civic Hall, Chelmsford.

For more information, go to our Jack Petchey page.

Previous Winners:

Finlay Staff, Oli Early, Martha Smith, Nathan Bushnell, Sam Tremelling, Lilly Parris, Faye Sweeting, Emily Foster, Laura Runciman, Jess Hopkins, Mia Chantree, Owen Thomas, Ndidi Okoh, Rhys Collins, Erin Minton-Branfoot, Darren Blackwell, Tom Hewes. Last Autumn (2019) the award recipients were Darcy Sullivan and Kissiwaa Mensah.