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Notice of ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - 26th March 2019

07 Mar 2019


Notice of                      ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Any member desirous of moving any resolution at the AGM shall give notice thereof in writing to the Honorary Secretary not less than seven days before the date below. Notice of such resolutions will be posted in the clubhouse at least 5 days prior to the AGM.

Tuesday 26th March 2019 at 8.30pm


  • Minutes of AGM 2018
  • To receive and consider the report of the Committee for the past year.
  • To receive and consider the Statement of Accounts for the year ending 31.12.18.
  • To elect the Officers and Ordinary Committee Members for the forthcoming year.
  • To confirm Team Managers for 2019.
  • To appoint two Auditors for the forthcoming year.
  • To consider any resolution placed before the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the Constitution.
  • Meeting Action Point Summary and Close


Nomination of Officers



Proposed By

Seconded By
















Membership Sec.





XC Co-ordinator





Child Protection Officers





XC Team Mgr. U13g





XC Team Mgr. U15G





XC Team Mgr. U17W





XC Team Mgr. SW





XC Team Mgr. U13B





XC Team Mgr. U15B





XC Team Mgr. U17M





XC Team Mgr. SM





BAL/SAL Men Mgr.





SAL Ladies Mgr.





EYAL U13G Mgr.





EYAL U15G Mgr.





EYAL U17W Mgr.





EYAL U13B Mgr.





EYAL U15B Mgr.





EYAL U17M Mgr.





General Committee