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Track & Field Officials Courses taking place in Chelmsford in 2017 - come and join in!

14 Dec 2016

In common with most athletics clubs, we are always short of Track & Field officials, and ALWAYS looking for people to help us by taking the appropriate courses.

If you've been 'thinking about it' for a while, what better opportunity to take the plunge than April 2017, when a number of relevant courses will be held at Chelmsford AC!

Details of all of the courses can be found, and booked here: 2EH&distance=5&region=&keyword=officials&courseType=0001300000030013

You will, of course, be reimbursed by the club for the course fee.

If you're not sure which course to take, please consider the Track courses (i.e. rather than Field) in the first instance, as we are particularly short of Track Judges and Timekeepers.  We are also in SERIOUS need of a Field Referee, if you've already got the basic qualification, and want to take your officiating to the next level.

Please do step up for these courses - your club is in REAL NEED, and we promise, you'll find it very rewarding and enjoyable too.  And, of course, the more people who volunteer, the lighter the load on individuals, so sign up with a friend!

You can also chat to John Weir, and other members of the Committee on a Club Night, if you want to understand more about what is required of officials - they will be only too pleased to talk you through it, and to support your learning.

Come on!  Join In!